Student Services at Arizona Language Institute

Arizona Language Institute offers academic advising, activities planning, accommodation placement and other student services. Our school will also help you prepare to enter college or university in the U.S., including researching a school, information requests, applications, and letters to schools.

Welcome to Arizona Language Institute!

Housing Assistance

At our Arizona Language Institute in Phoenix we want to ensure that your living arrangements are a comfortable and convenient complement to your immersion experience. Whether you prefer a hotel, apartment, or a host family, our goal is to make the process of finding housing easy while providing you with the best option to suit your individual needs. Please review different accommodation options.

Student Services

Activities Planning

There's so much to do in Phoenix and Arizona that you may feel overwhelmed. Our Activities Coordinator is constantly looking for interesting and exciting activities to share with students. In Greater Phoenix, you'll find everything from world-class spa and fine dining to exhilarating adventure, breath-taking golf courses, trendy shopping, modern nightlife and enriching culture. Your visit to Arizona is guaranteed to be one that will lift spirits, warm souls and provide memories for years to come. Learn more about activities in Arizona.

Student Advising

Arizona Language Institute in Phoenix is proud to offer the highest level of individual attention from an advisor that is responsible for your total program: classes, curriculum, teachers, hotel or residence ... everything!

Your advisor will work closely with you to make sure you are placed in the most suitable program based on your skill level and personal objectives. Your advisor will do everything possible to ensure that your program is working effectively, and that you are making progress toward achieving your goals. Students are encouraged to speak with their advisor at any time, about any aspect of their program, and any problems will be handled efficiently, professionally, and confidentially.

Travel Planning

Arizona offers endless possibilities for travel and the school can help you plan your weekends during your stay in Phoenix. Our Student Services Coordinator can assist you with plans for weekend trips in Arizona, as well as trips to cities in other parts of the U.S. We can make suggestions based on your interests and help you to plan the perfect getaway during your time off from school.


The school provides extensive communications services, including domestic and international calling, postal services and faxes.

Students' Testimonials

"I would like to thank the Arizona Language Institute for its warm hospitality. A special thanks goes to all the management, Alex and Lena, for their effort in order to meet my special need in English for the Military.

Last, but not the least, a great "thank you very much" to my instructior, Ron, for his professional skill and his friendly approach during our lessons.

It has been really a great and satisfactory experience. Hoping to see you again next year.


Lt.Col. Gianfranco Di Bella, Italian Air Force

"I am very lucky to have Mrs. Peggy Gray as my teacher. She helped me a lot with my English reading, writing, typing and conversation. She gave me Montessori vocabluary to reach my goal. So she is the best teacher I ever had. I hope she will be my teacher again in the near future. Thank you."

Al Johara Almutlaq, Saudi Arabia

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