Private English Courses in Phoenix, Arizona

Our General English private one-to-one classes are communicative based with an emphasis on developing speaking and listening skills. Students also learn grammar and structure and develop their reading and writing skills.

Private General English ESL Courses

Program Details

Private General English Courses are popular because they offer the most flexibility. We can offer as many lessons as you like tailored specifically to your General English learning needs. You can also choose when to have lessons (depending on classroom and teacher availability).

Private English courses are good for you if you have:

  • limited time to achieve your targets
  • prefer to have lessons planned just for you
  • are happy to be one-to-one with your teacher

English Language Courses in PhoenixOur Private General English one-to-one programs are designed for people who wish to learn English in the shortest possible period of time. You will be able to concentrate on personal objectives during the individual training. You can choose to concentrate on development of your listening and speaking and/or writing and reading skills at any level from absolute beginners to advanced.

Private General English course can be useful if you are a complete beginner or extremely advanced and do not fit into a normal language class.

You can take classes at the school or we can send a teacher to your home or office.

Course Details

Intensity: any number of lessons
Class size: one student
Course duration: any
Minimum age: 6 years of age

Tuition Fees

Beginners - Intermediate Levels $30.00 per lesson
Advanced Level $56.00 per lesson
minimum package: 10 one-to-one lessons
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