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English for Meetings Course will teach you all the speaking skills that you need in order to participate in a meeting with confidence. You will learn the vocabulary and expressions in such a way that you can use them immediately.

English for Meetings

Program Details

Participating in a meeting is a real challenge for non-native speakers and can cause a certain amount of anxiety. When are you allowed to make a contribution and how can you word it properly? When is the right time to ask questions? What happens if you are required to lead the meeting? What about writing the minutes?

The English for Meetings Course will teach you the speaking skills required to participate in a business meeting with confidence. This course teaches the needed expressions for everyday business meetings-from informal chats to formal meetings. You will learn vocabulary and expressions in such a way that helps you learn with ease and enables you to use them immediately.

You will learn how to chair or arrange a meeting and how to use expressions for postponing a meeting. Other important lessons include; the use of small talk, how a meeting starts, how to express your opinions, and how to interrupt. You will also learn how to draw up agendas and write the minutes for both formal and informal meetings.

English for Meetings course can be combined with General English and/or Business English for Executives and Professionals as well as being taken separately.

Intensive English Programs for Executives and Professionalss are offered in small groups and one-to-one.

Requirements and class size

  • Group class size: Maximum 4, minimum 2 executive students
  • Minimum age: 21 years
  • Minimum duration: 1 week
  • Level: beginner to advanced

At our school in Phoenix, we provide executive classrooms equipped with:

  • Computers
  • Free broadband Internet
  • Free email access
  • TV and video
  • Daily newspapers and business periodicals

We offer three formats of Intensive English Programs for Executives and Professionals:

  • Mini-Group Executive English Courses with 20 lessons a week in the morning or afternoon, Monday through Friday. Choose this program if you want maximum contact with international colleagues and require a more general approach to Platinum English.

  • Combination of Mini-Group and Private One-to-One Executive English Classes. Choose this program if you want to combine contact with international colleagues with very specific input sessions relating to your particular professional field.

  • Private One-to-One Executive English Classes with 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 lessons a week. Choose this option for maximum intensity and progress, with a program designed solely to meet your objectives and needs.

Executive Courses start every Monday.

    * 1 lesson = 45 minutes. If there is only one student in the class, the number of lessons is reduced to 10 one-to-one lessons a week.

Course Details

Intensity: 10 to 35 lessons a week
Class size: 2 to 4 students
Course duration: from 1 to 12 weeks
Minimum age: 21 years of age

Class Schedule

Mini-Group Course with 20 lessons a week

Monday - Friday 9:00 am to 12:15 pm

Private Executive Courses with 10 to 35 one-to-one lessons a week are offered with flexible schedules. Weekend classes are available.

Tuition Fees:

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Admissions Office Hours

Monday - Thursday: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Friday-Saturday: by appointment only

Address: 13832 N 32nd Street, Suite 151
Phoenix, AZ 85032
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